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New Filmmakers Los Angeles interview for Shadow Self (2022)


Interview with writer/director Jesse Randall for the world premiere screening of Shadow Self as part of NFMLA's LGBTQIA+ filmmakers showcase. Shadow Self is now streaming on Mometu. Watch it here! No payment or subscription needed.


Trailer for "The Safety Plan", a digital series starring Spencer Paez. Each episode follows a socially inept New York transplant as he searches for a chosen family in the LGBTQIA+ community of Los Angeles, to disastrous results. Watch all episodes now on Plex TVRevry TV, Mometu, and more. (2021)


During the global pandemic lockdown, a hard partying train wreck finds herself trapped alone in apartment facing off with her greatest enemy: her shadow self, a projection of her unexamined collective unconscious.


Featured in the 2022 NewFilmmakers Los Angeles LGBTQIA+ filmmakers showcase. Now streaming on Mometu and more!


A couple's relationship is tested when they attempt to make a sex tape to celebrate their third anniversary. Starring Michael DeBartolo and Christopher Poeschl.

Watch on Revry TV. (2016)


An unexpected visit from Homeland Security prompts a Russian immigrant to propose to her down and out stripper roommate. Starring Natasha Romanova and Matthew Tiberi. Watch on Revry TV. (2015)


Trailer for "SUMMER IS BUT A SEASON PASSED". Featured in the "Boston LGBT Film Festival" and the "New Filmmakers New York Film Festival". Watch on Revry TV. (2014)

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